• Nurturing the Capacity for Growth and Resilience
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Program Description

Hab Homes is made up of four houses joined together by back yards. Island View, Sky Harbor, and Kings Harbor are attractive single-family homes in a residential area of southwest San Antonio.

The fourth house is used for administration, pantry and support services. Consisting of mostly working families with children, the neighborhood is within a mile of a community park and also close to schools in the Southwest Independent School District.

Licensed by the Department of Family and Protective Services, Hab Homes functions as a residential treatment center. Children are admitted based on characteristics for which this program is prepared to provide effective and meaningful services.

Habilitate (verb)

1) To make fit or capable
2) To impart a capacity

Our Definition:
Learning, maintaining or improving skills that may not be developing normally or as expected.

Habilitation is our core value; it is the reason this program exists. Every aspect of the program and facility is designed to provide optimal individual opportunities for learning and skill development for every single client. Clients enjoy a comfortable home environment that provides the basis for growth and nurturing of coherence and traits of resiliency including: social competence, problem solving, autonomy and a sense of purpose in life.