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More Programming

Activity Therapy

Activity therapy is specific sensory-motor integration activities which have been developed in consultation with occupational therapy. Activities are varied to maintain interest. This component of the day fits into a half hour after school.

Computer Therapy

The goal of computer therapy is to focus on the development of visual perceptual and visual motor skills. The computer has been used effectively in cognitive rehabilitation with brain injured children and adults, including children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The advent of touch screen and tablet technology has allowed us to provide this programming anywhere on campus in a comfortable environment. We utilize many software titles including those specifically tailored for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Leisure Time

We address leisure activities appropriate for each child. Opportunities will be offered for the child to make choices. Age appropriate developmental toys, books, puzzles are within easy reach and staff will assist in selecting activities..

Summer Program

During summer, we borrow from all our programming to build days filled with learning and developmental activities. We utilize school-at-home education and lots of recreation. These components fill the time that public school takes during the year.