• Nurturing the Capacity for Growth and Resilience
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Admission Criteria

• Children will be between 4 and 17 years of age and may remain in care until adulthood.
• Children will be in the range of mild or moderate mental retardation with the following exceptions:

A child with a lower cognitive function may be admitted if it is judged that he or she has the potential to function at the mild or moderate level. A child with a higher cognitive level (above the IQ of 70) may be admitted if he/she has a related disorder such as autism, pervasive developmental disorder, or other emotional, behavioral, psychiatric disorder for which this program is prepared to provide effective habilitation.

A young child may be admitted with indicators of the above disorders, but who later tests above the range of mental retardation. Such a child would still be appropriate for the habilitative program as long as his/her needs were consistent with what this program offers.

• Children will have mild to moderate deficits in adaptive functioning.
A child with severe deficits may be admitted if it is deemed probable that he or she has the potential to function at a higher level.

• Children will have needs for a Specialized Service Level.

• Children will be ambulatory.

• Children may be male or female, depending on available bedroom space with roommates of the same gender.

• Children’s health will be stable.

• Children’s vision and hearing will be functional.

• Seizure disorders present will be controlled.

• Children will not require skilled nursing care.

• Children will not be actively suicidal, homicidal, psychotic or have a history of fire setting.

For admissions and referrals, please complete this contact form, or call: 210-623-5419