• Nurturing the Capacity for Growth and Resilience
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Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living are a critical component at Hab Homes. Within the context of normal family life, there are activities that naturally occur which the children need to experience in order to prepare for taking their roles as independent adults.

At Hab Homes, our clients experience

Going to school and interacting with Teachers/Faculty

Buying food and necessities at the grocery store

Sending receiving mail at the post office

Managing money and visiting the bank

Using a gas pump and visiting a gas station

Paying bills, writing checks and many other adult responsibilities

Within the activities of daily living, a conscious effort is made to involve the children as participating members of the family and provide an environment with the characteristics which have been shown to foster resilience.

Individual goals and objectives are developed to include the following

Training in self-care on a continuum reaching toward the ability to function independently as an adult,

Experiences to enhance cognitive functioning,

A milieu to facilitate psycho-social development,

Planned training for pre-vocational skill development, developing a positive attitude toward work,

Emphasis on physical growth and motor skills development – which is interconnected to brain activity

Encouragement of the creative aspects of the individual as a means of self-expression, but also another avenue for learning.

Training and experiences to develop an awareness of the spiritual nature of people and of the individual.